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DEAR PATIENTS:  This has been a very difficult time for many people and we hope that you and your family and friends have not been impacted directly by COVID-19 illness.  Bayside Dental has continued to treat patients with dental infections and significant pain throughout the temporary closure for non-emergent needs.  Your oral health is very important to us and we are happy to be resuming routine dental treatment for our patients.

Dental offices have been at the forefront of infection control for decades because every patient appointment exposes us to blood borne pathogens.  We are highly trained, and highly regulated, to provide care in meticulously hygienic settings.  Bayside Dental has always been extremely committed to delivering safe care for our patients, and providing a safe environment for our staff.  With the new threat of COVID-19 illness, we have added some additional measures to ensure the health and safety of anyone who enters our office. 

OFFICE AIR FILTRATION:  We have added two Air Scrubber Plus units to our HVAC system.  This ionizing technology and UV treatment of the air in our office dramatically reduces harmful particulates and microbes.  Air Scrubber Plus uses Active Pure technology, which is the only Certified Space Technology created in cooperation with NASA to protect the health of the astronauts on board the International Space Station.

PERSONAL PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT:  One of the first things you will notice is that staff will be wearing more protective gear during your appointment.  Because we work directly in the mouth, we are at a great risk of contracting airborne and droplet-born diseases from our patients and will now have more rigorous protective equipment.  

PATIENT SCREENING:  All patients will be screened for potential COVID infections, masks are required for dental visits, and hand sanitizer will be provided for all patients.  

SOCIAL DISTANCING: We are implementing social distancing wherever possible.  In order to minimize patient to patient contact, we are minimizing time spent in our reception area.  We will stagger appointments and have patients wait in their car until we call them when their provider is ready to lead them to the clinic.  We have also removed magazines, books and toys from the reception area.  The coffee and water refreshment station has also been removed.  We will only allow one patient at the front desk at a time.   

CHANGES TO HYGIENE APPOINTMENTS:  Hygiene appointments will have limited use of ultrasonic cleaners, and will be assisted with additional DryShield suction whenever helpful.  

DEEP CLEANING OF OFFICE:  Before reopening for routine care, our office  underwent a thorough deep cleaning which included repainting of the clinic and reception areas, as well as replacement of receptions chairs.  

 If you have any questions or concerns regarding COVID-19, infection control, or safety in the dental office, please do not hesitate to contact us.  We look forward to seeing you.   

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